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English slang term for vagina
Alright darling, fancy a smash in the bracket?
by fluvial September 17, 2011

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The logic which has developed as a direct consequence of the impact facebook and other social networking sites has on society. Meaningful relationships are undermined as friends are reduced to contacts which are to be collected as commodities in the attempt to appear cool.

The pervasiveness of this ideology legitimates the increasing transience of social relationships.
In layman's terms it becomes cool to have a vast pool of contacts requiring too much time and effort to properly maintain. As such the people worthy of an individual's time and effort are determined by the rewards that come with associating with that individual.
I don't care how many facebook friends you have, I don't buy into the facebook paradigm.
by fluvial March 04, 2010

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Bag up before you slag up, the most important mnemonic for any young men going out on the prowl. Remember to wear a raincoat before you tup skanky women.
If you're going out don't forget to BUSU, bag up before you slag up
by fluvial September 13, 2011

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n. The process causing one's shit to become soft and abnormally malodorous as a direct consequence of eating at a McDonalds restaurant.
No I don't wanna "go large", McDonaldization is occurring in my colon already.
by fluvial March 04, 2010

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