1 definition by flowerchild30000

A rare boy, with the ability to love with all his heart. He is sensitive, and he will give everything he has to the one he loves. He can be moody at times, and he doesn't like to open up unless he feels absolutely comfortable. He is citrus-scented. He is usually very athletic, but can get frustrated easily. He is caring, loving, and is in tune with how others are feeling. Graysons usually like to help others, and sometimes Graysons give more of themselves than they should. They are always good-looking. Graysons usually find more luck than the average person. Sometimes they need someone to provide a little direction, and then they'll get on track. Mostly, Graysons are excellent people to have around, as they are the perfect friend and an amazing lover. Graysons are good in bed because of their rarity. A Grayson is genuine, loving, and is rare. So if you find one, don't let him go!
by flowerchild30000 February 5, 2010