4 definitions by fkyoujames

when you're playing pretend with your girlfriend and have sex at the same time but then she finds out your dick is super small.
"we were having such a good time but then he pulled a purdie-pie"
by fkyoujames June 13, 2017
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a man who gets fingered up their arse daily
"i went over to his house to play yahtzee with him but then i found out he was a fenglemouse"
by fkyoujames June 14, 2017
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when a female grabs as many bananas as she wants and stick them in whichever hole she wants while screaming the annoying orange "he will mock you" song :)
"i had just gotten home and i opened her door and was going to give her a present but i found her doing banana masturbation"
by fkyoujames June 13, 2017
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a fucked up mess of nightmares 'n shit
"have you seen boku no pico?" "sadly yeah" "i thought it was great" "you're dead to me"
by fkyoujames June 15, 2017
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