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Abbreviation of "UK Garage", preferred because it is easier to say in conversation. Often refers to soulful or old skool garage.

A type of british urban music that originated from the underground seen in London during mid 90's. Entered the mainstream in 2000 through artists such as Artful Dodger and Shanks & Bigfoot, with UK chart hits such as Sweet Like Chocolate and Re Re Wind.
hey fred, put on some UKG will ya?
by faviddox April 22, 2004
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British supermarket chain that used to be made fun of for selling imitation brand clothing. Hence the song: "Let's all go to tescos, where gypo's buy their bescos, la la la la...."
I couldn't afford real addidas sport pants, so I bought a pair of tesco two-stripe instead.
by faviddox April 22, 2004
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