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Completely destroyed, smashed up, wrecked just like George Lindell's Mini-van.

direct reference to the bang up job our 44th president did "fixing" our economy...
Dude I ran over my iPhone today, it's completely Obamanated!

Man I know I should of studied for my exam, I completely Obamanated it! Yea sometimes reality hits you hard, bro
by fatcat September 21, 2011

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Refers to the extremely hard cock a man has on his wedding night. Similar to the Blue Vein Throbber.
-Wow I left a bottle of water in the freezer last night and now its froze stiffer than a wedding cock.

Alternatively it could be used as-

"oooh- Baby these Viagras have me hard as a wedding cock!"
by fatcat February 05, 2007

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Slang for Viagra, Cialis or any other Erectile Dysfunction Meds. It is a combination of the word Viagra, Which is the most well know ED pill, and Niagara as in the popular water falls, because of the copious amounts of Jizz one produces while taking the Viagra.
-I took a couple of "Niagras" last night before banging the old lady, shot so much spooge I thought I'd need an I.V. afterwards.

-Don't take any of those "Niagras" tonight, my snatch is still sore from last Tuesday!
by fatcat February 05, 2007

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