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When you scrunch up your lips and the muscles between your nose and your upper lip to create a shrivelled lip, creating creases that makes it seem like you have two little moustaches/whiskers above your lips.

*resembles somewhat like a posh troll face without the open mouth smile.
When you walk up to a friend and you eye contact. You greet each other with the “moustache face”.

When your friend says something and you want to be troll or suggestive, you give them the “moustache face”.
by eye. October 13, 2019
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This word can be used in place where "RIP" is typically used. Used to express your disappointment or sadness towards what someone is saying to you in one word.
Ex. 1:
"Hey, I have to cancel tonight's plans. I'm really sorry, we can go out another time?"

Ex. 2:
"Are there any cookies left?"
"No, I ate them all."

Ex. 3:
"What did you end up getting on that essay?"
"That's too bad"
"Yeah. Sad."
by eye. March 5, 2018
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When something (ex. a joke, a person, a place, etc.) is lame, un-original or stupid.
Reply to a joke: "You're so ugly"

"That place was so ugly"

"Stop being ugly"
by eye. August 21, 2017
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