3 definitions by exquisite

Carefully selected:choice. archaic:accurate marked by flawless craftsmanship or by beautiful, ingenious, delicate, marked with subtle understanding or deep sensitivity.
The musician has exquisite skill.

The artist is exquisite.
by exquisite March 1, 2013
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One who is a large cow, who likes Dunkin' Donuts coffee and alt-tabs to watch porn in the middle of raids.
That Fatspice is one sexy cow.
by exquisite April 11, 2006
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Oral sex while playing World of Warcraft. Similar to road dome.
Man, I got the biggest crit ever on Onyxia last night. It was even better cause my girlfriend was giving me wow dome and I got off at the same time.
by exquisite May 10, 2006
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