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Also hon, hunny
A term used by women to address others in a condescending manner.

Often used by pyramid scheme selling moms when approaching a potential customer.

See also: sweetie
Hey hun, I don’t think we’ve seen each other since high school! How have you been? I just wanted to tell you about this new small business I’ve started up selling gorgeous, natural essential oils! I love being a girl boss! I know you’re finding it hard to shed those extra pounds but I’ve got an essential oil that is just GREAT for weight loss! If you’re interested just let me know!
by etofficiall October 10, 2018

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This is a most iconic phrase which a mathematical educator often uses as a reply instead of the more common term "yes", when a student raises their hand to seek clarification for something they may find challenging.
Student: *puts up hand*
Teacher: "Yasum?"
Student: "How might one solve the mathematical equation y=mx+b?"
by etofficiall October 31, 2013

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