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taking a large drink of liquid in one swallow
Eric took a glug of water and nearly choked when Rachel said "I'm a dainty girl, I don't take glugs"
by Eric Anderson April 19, 2005

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Pointlessly chatting up the elderly
Where's Jody?
She ran into her old high school teacher and she's pammin' with him.
by Eric Anderson October 16, 2004

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When you look so good and people are commenting on your body
Friend: ooh girl you are serving body today!!!
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by eric anderson January 18, 2016

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v. 1. to steal or shoplift in which the item in question is of little value 2. to engage in petty theft
n. 1. a person of African descent who currently resides in the United States who either holds a blue collar job or is unemployed.
You better not fuckin nig my hat.

That muthasucka nigged my soda!

Straighten your collar Jim, you look like a nig.
by Eric Anderson March 30, 2005

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nick-name for the coolest kid around
wow i wish i could be just like doozie, he's amazing!
by Eric Anderson December 05, 2004

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