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acronym for Fuck It I'm Not Going day
taken simply for the reason that you don't want to go to school, work or so on....
see also mental health day
alarm blares
man smashes it with sledgehammer, "Screw work, I'm taking a FIING day"
by eriCartman December 02, 2007

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a less scientific description of female-female tribadism often used by lesbian/bisexual women to indicate past relations had with another woman when talking about or introducing her
Jane: that was fun last night dancing with lucy
Fran: yeah we used to bump cunts
jane, i want you to meet lucy
Lucy: fran and i used to bump cunts
by ericartman September 21, 2007

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1. ridiculously cold, even for the inhabitants of a certain place
2. so cold that the only way to survive the coldsnap is to find the closest available person to fuck, just for the sake of keeping warm
1. ohio can get fuck cold at any time between october and april
2. no man that wasn't gay, it was just fuck cold so that doesn't count...
by eriCartman November 29, 2007

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