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An Age. A Spesific gap of time which ends due to a dramatic or extraordinery change.
Also a vely vely kewl nick. which is taken so :P on you.
The end of an Era.
by Era May 21, 2003
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A saying that you would say if you were in some bad situation. Like saying "Oh crap, I'm gunna get killed"

Used in Red Vs Blue By tucker when he was about to die, or some sort of trouble
Tucker: "Oh fuck berries.."

"Oh Fuck berries, I'm gunna get capped"
by Era March 27, 2005
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a greek word to describe a person who tells all the time boolshits
Popo....ti paparas einai autos!!!
by era February 09, 2005
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Means Halo 2 ending. For those who have not played Halo 2, the ending was anticlimactical, and no one liked, it ended horribly, and people cried. So something that has a h2 ending, means bad, bad ending.
Man most movies now days have h2's.

I think that guy made it h2 ending on purpose. Prick.
by Era March 27, 2005
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