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Dennett 3 is THE best entry in Williams College. An "entry" is a group of 20-or-so freshmen whom the college have grouped together for maximum social recreation of the college population as the whole. Although the entry was created to reflect the average population of the college, Dennett 3 somehow ended up with the best looking freshmen in the whole school.

The entry is comprised of 20 freshmen and 2 of the most awesome JA's in the world, Papa Bear and Ti-na, who live together in Mission Park building. Dennett 3 is characterized by the highest quality of beer-pong games out of any freshmen entry, the existance of the only dorm room in campus with a fully functioning hammock, and the weekly reprise of "Death Tuesday" by one of its fun-loving members.

Dennett 3 is also known as D3, Best Place On Campus, and "home".
"Dennett 3 is the best, because our banner is purple, has gold glittery stuff on it, AND a cow sewed on by Tina's mom!"

"Party in Dennett 3 is so unreal man. I'm jonesin' for some D3"
by ephgirl October 12, 2009

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