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To interfere with; to ruin
Don't cramp my style
by enzo July 19, 2004
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A kid from AW who wont tell how old he is, but his drug and turd jokes reflects his young age.

aslo see pulled a ferr
Hey Ferru how old are you? (dead silence) hey lets share some drug related humor! (agrees)
by ENZO July 18, 2004
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A bitch who nobody is sure what gender it is, it thinks it is the boss of builds and better than everyone but can only lie and build crap.

Also pulled a seiya
Watch out here come Seiya, wonder what gender it is today.
by ENZO July 18, 2004
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The scientific term for giving yourself oral sex, the slang is Auto Fellatio
I have no example
by Enzo April 08, 2004
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A large turd, both long and thick, which wedges in the toilet and will not flush. Similar to a submarine.

Called a typhoon class after the large submarine of the same name.
I've just dropped a typhoon class
by Enzo March 06, 2005
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Starbuild are crappy kid like attempts at making a build and hoping it will make you famous even though it will never amount to anything. Also a slang term
Yeah she pulled a starbuild and grew the largest ego ever!
by ENZO July 18, 2004
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K.0.C.:abbreveation (King Of Comebacks)
A sarcastic term named to a person who can't make comebacks from insults worth shit.
Asshole-fuck you, your a shithead.
You-yeah, yeah, well,....uh......YOU ARE!
friend-Nice one K.O.C., you scared the shit out of him!
by Enzo March 30, 2004
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