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A term describing a woman who DOES NOT do the things that drive men crazy. She doesn't do things like:
take 3 hours to get ready
always guilts you into buying jewelry
make you dance
doesnt let you hang out with your
Anna is really man friendly. It only took her 35 seconds to get ready before we left!
by Enigma March 23, 2004
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Also stated in the abbreviated form, STBY, this means your life or recent experience(s) are scraping the bottom of the barrel and no one would willingly trade lives with you.
The test results from the STD clinic said WHAT? Man...sucks to be you.
by enigma June 15, 2004
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Having the color or properties of soot or smoke; musty
It was hard to see through the fuliginous air because of the ash from the volcano.
by Enigma December 01, 2003
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The often annoying combination of a snort and a giggle that occurs when laughing at something and trying to inhale oxygen simultaneously.
Oh god, I snortgiggled in front of a roomful of people last night...the stares...the horror...
by enigma June 15, 2004
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A word said by one when he/she does not care about what has been said or done, or generally used when one doesn't care.
I spilt red wine all over his new white shirt, and he was just like, "Meh. I'll clean it up."
by Enigma November 05, 2003
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A mythical creature said to never venture outdoors. Known to enjoy pixels and the occaisional kawaii chibi sliced bread.
Me go to the circus, sure when BooJoh looks at the sky!
by enigma April 19, 2003
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When something, anything, is like a fox. Not necessarily good or bad.
"Hey, isn't that thing over there cool?"
"Yeah, cool like a fox."
by enigma August 18, 2003
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