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an uber hottie who watchesreally cool HBO shows at 3 in the morning with her besties and doesn't wear shirts under hr sweatshirts. She is always takign the lightning bugs pillows and she almost never sleeps. She takes her friends clothes and never gives them back. She plays life at three in them morning in Lightning bugs basement. She sounds like a squirrell when she's excited. She has coined quite a few catch phrases, and always makes everyone have a good time. She has a son with the Lightning bug named Oliver Carson Van Finn. She is all around awesome.
Timmy: I like red high heeled shoes.
Lightning Bug: So do I!!!!
Lily: I'm sorry! Stop being sucha Emzazemzalies!
Emzazemzalies: Let's play life and watch an HBO documentary!
Lily: Okay.
Timmy: Bye.
by emcubed July 04, 2008
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a groupe of 8 people consisting of three astronomical girls and five orgasmic boys. The girls and one of the boys are the only ones that know about this group, but eventually, the whole eight will know. People are very jealous of this group of hotties. You could compare them to the movie "Normal Adolescent Behavior" except, they do not do crazy sexual acts with all of them at once.
"I wish i was in The Super Magical Eight, then I'd always have someone to hang out with. They're so lucky that they are the coolest people ever, and they don't even have to try!"

"Yeah, but if you were in TSM8 then it would be TSP9, and that just couldn't work."

*sighs in mourning her loss of orgasmicastronominality by being rejected from the supermagical eight*
by emcubed July 03, 2008
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The coolest barbie ever. A barbie with a penis and two boobies. And a bisexual brother named ken who's boyfriend and himself are nudists.
Boobie likes to bang bananas.
by emcubed March 21, 2008
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Two guys spooning with an erection.
Ken and Marcus can't forking because they're smooth between the legs.

Boobie can fork though, because she has saran wrap.
by emcubed March 21, 2008
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