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when you are stalking someone on facebook or twitter and accidentally like a post of theirs from two years back, revealing how deep you have dug into their past.
sara: you need to tell your ex-GF to back off. she's all over my shit.
joe: what?
sara: she's pathetic - she just deepfaved a facebook picture of mine from like 2009.
by elle99 June 02, 2014

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fuck you money; when you have enough $ so that you never have to work for anyone again, can do whatever you want, all the time.
Man i hate my job, i hate my life. i cant wait til my app goes big and i make that FU$$
by elle99 March 05, 2015

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when you're chilling at the park all day in a tank top and flip flops and even when the sun starts to go down, you are not cold, because you've been drinking all day and the buzz makes you feel like you are wrapped in a warm, cozy blanket
sam: hey, wanna join us at the park?

jamie: nah, it's gonna get cold
sam: you wont feel it - we got liquor blankets.
by elle99 June 02, 2014

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