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men-st-brate /men-st-breyte/
-verb -at⋅ed, -at⋅ing
to perform the act of masturbation while on the menstrual cycle; the act of pleasing oneself while menstruating.
I menstbrated while I was on my period yesterday.
by eixxam April 19, 2009
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A very popular, mainstream, and over rated artist hailing from Germany. Although countless people will sit there and exclaim how she's the "best techno artist out there," GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. Not only is her music not "techno," but her songs aren't even her own, and they all sound exactly the same. Same beat, same loops, same everything. No freaking originality.

First, her genre would be classified as "Euro-Dance," or, better yet, as Cheese. Because really, when you sit there and play "Everytime We Touch" and scream "I LOVE TECHNO!!!" at the top of your lungs, you don't, you little poser. You're just off obsessing over a song that came out years ago and isn't even all that great. Listen to her songs and finally realize that they are the cheesiest forms of electronic music out there.

Cascada is, without a doubt, someone who only strengthens the traditional stereotype of how all electronic music sounds the same.
Poser: WHEEE! I love this song! Everytime Time We Touch is the best techno song ever!! Cascada is my favorite techno artist!!!
by eixxam April 15, 2009
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Since Robert Downey Jr. is simply glorious and could easily be placed on the same level as a deity, many have decided to convert to Downeyism. Downeyism, although a newly formed and quite questionable religion, is based on the celebration of Robert Downey Jr.'s existence.
I have officially converted to Downeyism.

After I got done watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, I became a follower of Downeyism.
by eixxam February 22, 2010
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