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When an Evangelical Christian dates a non-Evangelical with the express purpose of using the dating relationship as an opportunity to evangelize the non-Evangelical.

Often the term is used as an excuse to the Evangelical community for why the person is dating a non-Christian helping to overcome the strong bias toward dating a fellow Evangelical.
Yeah, well she's evange-dating him.
by eg$ February 12, 2011

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Studying Induced Social Awkwardness - when the time spent studying in a group (or alone) leads to social awkward behavior. These include but are not limited to laughing inappropriately, juvenile humor, and interactions that are abnormal at best.
He asked me how to get to the library. I forgot where it was. I had just left the library. Such S.I.S.A

She just changed her profile picture to be the cover of a book authored by a guys named Funk and Seamon... epic S.I.S.A.

Girl: "Hey, wanna come over later to, ummm, study"
Guy" "Do you mean sex?"
Girl: "Oh, God no, sorry, I momentarily forgot the word "study" - I didn't mean to suggest, no, i mean, not that I wouldn't be into it. Oh, God. Um, so, does 11 work?"
Guy: "S.I.S.A... i get it. I'll bring my Funk & Seamon study guide."
by eg$ April 28, 2011

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