5 definitions by eedeen

someone who looks or appears super big scary and tough but is really just sweet soft and loving on the inside

nah bro hes a huge teddy bear when u get past his exterior.”
by eedeen November 2, 2021
(a) someone who looks tough or intimidating but is actually sweet inside under that rough exterior

girl1: he really isnt hes a huggeee teddy bear
by eedeen November 4, 2021
NO DICK DECEMBER, okay girls, gays and non binary babes. anyone who is attracted to men or likes taking the s t r a p isnt allowed to next month because its no dick december!!
P1 : c’mon babe

P2 : i cant its no dick december
by eedeen November 5, 2021
muck up day is usually when year 12s do a prank similar to senior pranks. mostly used and done in australian public schools
P1 : What are you doing for muck up day?
P2 : tying a year 7 to a pole.
by eedeen November 6, 2021
A day where usually year 12s do things that are not allowed e.g tying a year 7 to a pole ect. mostly done in Australia.
Year 12 N1 : What are you doin for Muck Up day?
Year 12 N2 : I’m starting a water balloon fight on the oval
by eedeen November 11, 2021