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Possibly one of the most liberal countries in the world, Canada has one downside: There are too many cultures for us to make one AND there was never a "culture" to begin with. If so, it's boring. Sorry, but white culture just doesn't cut it for me. I'm latino-descent, born here, I love my country (Canada) but it could be SO much better, and more fun lol.
We've had a growing socio-democratic uprising :) (i.e. Minority Conservative thanx to the NDP PARTY)
We have ppl of every corner of the earth, the longest street in the world, the highest freestand structure int he world... wheat lol, same sex marriages (altho i'm atheist and think marriage is stupid, it still shows that canadians are advanced in the social science field), and we have SNOW (yes it CAN be cold, but the spring and summer are the rewards for the going thru it) and Canada is world-renowned for it's beautiful nature (trees' leaves changing colour in the fall, the snow lol etc.).

The ppl are generally... indifferent/non-chalant towards life, in my point of view. I live in Toronto, and that's what I see. IT WOULDN'T KILL TO SAY HI TO SOMEONE. or smile.. everyone on the subway looks sad and to themselves or just pist off, it's pretty depressing at times. We should embrace our characteristic as being a liberal, ppl-loving nation and ACTUALLY be more friendly.

And as the first definition in this forum stated: Canada has invented quite a handful of sports, and we are unique.

P.S. What the English did to the native americans when they came and took Canada was unforgivable... and shouldn't be forgotten. Also, with many of the minorities, we should actually teach them english and/or french when they first come here, we should actually hire the doctors, nurses, engineers etc after the graduate from uni/college etc... AND we should enforce learning French from the kindergarten... we would be bilingual from the start, and have our third, and fourth languages (since most canadians are from other countries or descendants from them)

The gov't doesn't seem to care that we have so many professionals, that's why they all move to the US;

That's what I think would make Canada alot better than it is right now.

I love Canada, and want to see it fluorish, we can EASILY overcome the US... causing Mexico to follow, we would both leave NAFTA and make our own Latino/White/Melting Pot relationship! I LOVE IT
Canada - Our Home (if I remember well, that's the definition given by one of the native indians when confronted by the English... I badly need to brush up on my Canadian History)
by ecr86 November 15, 2006
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