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Love of a romantic and/or sexual nature between members of the Petrelli family on NBC's TV show "Heroes". In fandom, Petrellicest fanfic often features a pairing like Nathan/Peter (who are brothers).
When Nathan leaned over and kissed Peter in the hospital, it was such a Petrellicest moment.
by eboniorchid March 27, 2007
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The romantic or sexual tension between siblings or, more specifically, brothers, as seen in various mediums, most particularly television and its related fandoms. There is heated debate about the existence of this more-than-brotherly relationship, but despite the controversy, a massive amount of recent slash fanfic and other fan art has been devoted to broyay, especially in the Supernatural and Heroes fandoms.
When Dean Winchester smacks his brother, Sam, on the ass, during The CW's Supernatural, Wincest fans might call that broyay.

When Nathan Petrelli pulls his quite adult brother, Peter, into an embrace and kisses him on the forehead, during NBC's Heroes, Petrellicest fans might call that broyay.
by eboniorchid February 28, 2007
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