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adj: the euphoric state associated with wanting to smoke, actively smoking, or having just finished smoking a spliff.

not to be confused with 'splifee' amsterdam's tightly-rolled, top heavy mascot.
alex: what do you want to do tonight?
(becky pulls out a perfectly conical spliff from her pocket)
becky: i'm feelin' spliffy.

jen: hey you wanna hit this bowl?
(becky pulls out a perfectly conical spliff from her pocket)
becky: nah, i'm feelin' spliffy
by ean weslynn June 30, 2011

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n. the use of text messages to have a private discussion with another person while in a group. usually used to discuss or insult another member of the group in real time without their knowledge.

the subtlety of this act is easily thwarted by knowing glances and shared spontaneous laughter.
texter 1: dude, joe's b.o. is heinous today.
texter 2: i know, right? i thought i was the only one who noticed it
texter 1: good thing for text-lepathy
by ean weslynn June 21, 2011

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noun - the hybrid of a chapter and an episode. can be used to describe a chapter of a book that is long and more self-contained like an episode, or and episode of a tv series that feels more like a book.
jen: i can't wait for the next chapisode of 'the freshman fifteen' to come out!
margot: i know! there are only two more chapisodes left til the cliffhanger chapisode!
by ean weslynn July 01, 2011

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noun - the new evolution of music that mixes hip-hop culture with pop sensibilities and dance floor beats. known for sampling old dance tracks and often the lyrics usually incite listeners to jump up and down, drink, or just straight up lose control.

for examples please see: kanye west, flo rida, ne-yo, usher, chris brown, lmfao, jason derulo and any remix featuring pit bull or lil wayne.
katrina: 'have you heard 'party rock anthem' yet?'
claire: 'yeah dude, lmfao is the shit.'
katrina: 'kings of hip-pop, man.'

joe: 'why you change the station?'
ryan: 'cause i like hip-hop, not hip-pop. lame.'
joe: 'you're the one who is lame.'
by ean weslynn June 30, 2011

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