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Going from one bad situation into a worse one. Also used to define a choice as being less than optimal.
Boss: "If you don't want to work late tonight, you can always come in this weekend."
by dvsjr March 08, 2004

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New England slang for beating someone up. To punch, or beat on.
"After Matty whaled on that kid he hopped on his bike and booked outta here."
by dvsjr December 16, 2007

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Derived (by Alex) from the noun "Packrat", someone with the unnatural and unhealthy compulsion to collect old, outdated, strange or useless Macintosh Computers.
"I just nabbed an SE and a G3 all in one from the dump!" "Geez you're almost as big a Macrat as Grant!"
by dvsjr April 26, 2006

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