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Kelly and intriguing individual with many layers, like a human onion designed upon many subjects such as football and when he’s not talking about football he’s talking about football. A Kelly is always open to discuss any global subject so long as it starts with football and finishes with football with football in the middle. A Kelly knows everything about football and nothing about everything.
Question ‘do you know what Kelly is up to?’ Yes, he is over there bending that poor souls ear about football - I won’t even mind but that guy is a gymnast

Doing a Kelly could be described as watching paint dry only with some reprobate weasel in your ear talking about football

It’s even been said if you rearrange all the letters in the word ‘football’ you get ‘Ear Ache Kelly’
by drunkenlobbo May 28, 2023
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Is the inability to refrain from talking about a specific subject, place, event or matter that is personal to you.
I can't believe he told me that he is running another marathon, that is such a granville thing to do. Or, wow, he is such a granville as he is always talking about Salcombe - you'd think he owns it.
by drunkenlobbo July 8, 2021
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