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When Guy says a single word it is to be expected that he is immediately condemned with the phrase 'nao guy' by a large proportion of listeners, i.e. his input is not necessary
Person: Haha that was so funny

Guy: Yea that was funny

Person: Nao Guy
by droneon December 06, 2011

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When a Jake dares somebody in his biology class to lick a lung, but instead ends up licking the lung himself, he is known as a lung licker.
Jake: I dare someone to lick that lung!

Robbie: No, wtf, I'm trying to get on with my experiment

Jake: Fine, I'll lick it then

Robbie: Jake you're such a lung licker
by droneon December 15, 2011

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when a Jake goes to Malia with the lads and gets contacts to replace his glasses because he knows girls out there won't think he has little eyes because thats what everyone who knows he wears glasses thinks, he also doesn't wear shorts for the whole holiday and instead goes out in formal attire.
Girl 1: who is that spicy mysterious character and why isn't he wearing shorts?

Girl 2: i dunno but he's kinda sexy and his eyes are of normal size

Jake: my target is 2 girls a night

Everyone: woooo jakeonmalia
by droneon January 18, 2013

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