1 definition by doyoulikepinacoladas

The sad and dismal realization that you are stuck on whatever Hawaiian Island you live on; in this case, Oahu. While Island Fever is extremely detrimental to one's mental health, there is always going to be that one idiot who claims said island is "da best place to go cruise and do wutevas". And they are, unknowingly, adding fuel to the fire that is Island Fever. And, you know, they're also unknowingly about to get punched in the face.
Person unaffected by Island Fever: "It's not that bad, guys! We can go to the beach all the time! And everything's so close!"
Person affected by Island Fever: "Seriously? Dude, shut the fuck up before I punch you in the throat."
by doyoulikepinacoladas February 27, 2011
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