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A person who is not thin, but has a defined and fit body. The opposite of skinny fat.
Girl: "I was expecting to look better than her in a bikini, but it turns out she's fat skinny and had a flat stomach."
by doyoucopy July 31, 2013

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Expression used when something boss happens, and no other word can explain the feeling. Also appropriate in really ANY situation.
You see someone wipe out - you say bamsters.
You get an A on that test - you say bamsters.
no one is listening to you - you yell BAMSTERS!
awkward silence? bamsters.
by doyoucopy October 13, 2009

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move-on man. The guy girls use to move-on after a break-up. Kind of like a rebound except the girl doesn't expect the relationship to go anywhere. M.O.M.'s are dumped when the girl either finds some confidence or another man.
Girl: No, it's nothing serious... he's just my M.O.M. I'm just not over John yet.
by doyoucopy January 17, 2011

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Short for Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Because it's name is too long.
Person A: Where you live?
Person B: CRIA
Person A: haha Iowa?! Really?
by doyoucopy September 18, 2009

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