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A powerful human emotion.

A blend of the feelings of anxious and excited. The benefit of anxitement is the feeling also bears resemblance to anxiety which means the 'anxi' part of the word has two roots; anxious and anxiety.

The feeling is generaly confined to a limited time period (days or weeks) and comes in bursts. It usualy preceeds big changes or events in ones life that have the opportunity to bring both success and failure. In sport, love and adventure anxitement is a frequent humant emotion.
Bob was full of anxitement about his forth coming round the world trip. The uncertainty left him unsure but the thought of experiencing so many new cultures had him surging with energy.
by dotoowam March 23, 2005
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As in "bat's in the belfry". Bats flying around in ones head (synonym for top of church).
My lord Jeremy, Did you see that scoundrel? The man is totally batty. Did you see him prancing around knocking over the tankards of ale?
by dotoowam March 25, 2005
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Love for craziness.

Monkey's are crazy animals. Almost as crazy as space bats. Are they not funny how they prance around? Almost like humans but not quite.

Monkey love is the love of craziness. You should use it when intoxicated with friends, hugging each other, drinking ale and screaming "Yeah Monkey Love, yeah baby Yeah gotta love thy monkey".
1) Yeah Monkey Love, yeah baby Yeah gotta love thy monkey.

2) Monkey loooooooove yeah! Whoooo yeah. Come on. Pass the ale
by dotoowam March 25, 2005
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1) Something very crazy or wacky. Usually a noun, such as a person. A space bat is so whacked out you might think they are in space. That combined with being crazy (or 'batty') is significant and worthy of having its own word. Hence Space Bat.

2) A bat found in space. Space Bat's have an armoured body and can fire energy weapons from their faces. These types should be avoided at all costs as they are very scary and almost impossible to destroy with any weapons.
1) Damn, Jimmy really is a Space Bat. Did you see that crazy stuff he did last night after drinking all that Absinth?

2) Captain we are being attacked by a flock of space bats. They are firing energy weapons from their faces and we can't seem to penetrate their body armour with our weapons.
by dotoowam March 24, 2005
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To be both embarassed and annoyed at the same time.

Source: Marisa Tessada - I can hardly claim credit for it, she made it up :)
Matthew stop it! I'm emboyed again!
by dotoowam April 01, 2005
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