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a person who once said "I did it my way".
he just wanted to live while he was alive, cause it was his life.
Bon-"hey frankie, howd you do it"
Frankie-"I did it my way"
Frankie-"I just wanna live while Im alive."
Bon-"what the hell are you talking about?"
Frankie-"cause its my life"
Bon-"I think Frankie went a little crazy, but I'll incorporate what he said into a song cause it sounds awesome.
by dopesoldier April 04, 2010

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1.American English - not the past tense of the word spell, but it is a really old type of flour.

2.Queens English(the correct one) - the past tense of the word spell, alternative spelling spelled. also a really old kind of flour
1. fuck this example, americans can't spell

2. it can be spelt either spelled or spelt, both are correct
by dopesoldier September 08, 2010

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