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Female who will usually make you believe your gonna get some but in the end u dont get anything.Most likely leaving you with blue balls and wanting her more badly.Most of the time this leds men to think that the girl is a bitch but in reality most teases dont give it up becaue they dont want to seem easy. Over time the guy should call and see whats up and if the girl does pick up his calls that means she doesnt just want to fuck him yet but if the girl ignores him then indeed she was a tease.
Joe: "Fuck i called her but she doesn't pick up"
Rina: "Maybe she was just a "cock tease"..if not then she might want to wait a while so you don't think shes easy, you did say tomorrow so you might want to wait or atleast give her a call to see wats up."
by donna12 August 12, 2009

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