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when a man is on top of a female mid-coitus, he grabs the sheets like terydactyl wings and screams like a terydactyl on crack!
AHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRK! AhhhhhhhhhhRRRRRRRK! (flapping wings in bliss)Dan pulled a terydactyl on shirley the other day...
by donkey lips December 21, 2006
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A person of Irish decent, whilst in the vicinity of crushible objects (including other humans) upon a bed, rolls over in a drunkedn stupor, therefore crushing (or steamroller) said object.
Holy shit! Forch is so tanked. She just crushed that box of tissues on her bed... She's such an Irish steamroller. I'm never asking her for a tissue again.
by Donkey Lips November 16, 2006
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