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Pecker Spit is the juice of a man. Alternatively known as spunk, jism and many more words.
Wing-Kin was always having to buy bumper boxes of tissues to wipe up his pecker spit. He didn't want Susan to know what he did all day while watching TV.
by Domino Woodstock January 24, 2012
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Energy giving cocktails, such as jaegerbombs, vodka red bull, consumed before a visit to a mistress or girlfriend to enhance 'activities'. The modern man's Spanish Fly.
Wing Kin often had a mistress drink before visiting his girlfriend Susan Hsu. She was much younger than him and it helped him keep up with her needs.
by domino woodstock May 13, 2011
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The act of plunging your scrotum into a receptive ladies mouth, in a similar way to how you make a cup of tea. It also brings a man to the boil, like a kettle.
Wing-Kin only enjoyed it when Susan was in the mood to do some teabagging. "I like that" said Wing-Kin, "hemn$sg%ske" mumbled Susan.
by domino woodstock February 10, 2012
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Watching a girl walk towards you in a pair of tight ski pants.
Natasha seemed to be getting a lot of stares in her new ski pants. The boys were not listening to what she said, just lip reading intently.
by domino woodstock October 25, 2013
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