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Mostly used by macintosh users.

While listening to a podcast or any other audiomaterial hearing the twitterific-, mail-, ichat-, adium-, skype-,
or whatever notification sound from one of the podcasting people and thinking it's a sound from your own computer
– but it is not.

It's related to notification paranoia.
Paul: "Everytime I'm listening to the RebelFM podcast I hear my mailprogram receiving new mails, but It didn't."

Mary: "So you fall for a fake notification?"

Paul: "Wait a sec, I heard a bird tweating"
by dna4ever42 April 02, 2009

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If someone in a group says nearly nothing all the time, let others discuss things, just waiting for the perfekt moment to throw in a gag, you can call this behavior humor snipering.

Most of the time followed by a surpised reaction or laughter (not slaughter, that's the difference to real snipering).

Humor snipering is regarded as a high art by some people.

Also known as Gag snipering
A long discussion about a problematic family structure is going on, about what the problems in the family are and why there are so many suicides.

Person 1: As you can see, the communication has never been very good in this family. Suicide is no communication.

Person 2 (nothing said so far): Yes it is, it's non-verbal communication!

(Followed by a lot of breath-ins and gasps, laughter too)
What Person 2 did was "humor snipering"
by dna4ever42 July 26, 2009

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