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condition in which one has become too stoned to do anything other than to get more stoned.
I have stuff to do today but I've got stonerosis.
by dmnyd$ March 03, 2011
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Two men perform the helicopter in front of each other with flaccid penises and without touching. You are allowed to use your hands, but you have to hop on each foot as if jumping double dutch jump rope.
Double Dutch is like the blender, only you can use your hands and you have to jump around.
by dmnyd$ December 27, 2010
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Two men stand front to front and perform the helicopter without using hands (hips and legs only). It is important that the penises are flaccid and never touch. Otherwise, it's gay.
A blender is when two men helicopter each other without touching their flaccid penises. If they touch, one of them has to die.
by dmnyd$ December 27, 2010
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