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One whom is born to embody the essence of sleeze, tackiness, and douchebaggery. Slang; one who is exceptionally unacceptable; unsatisfactory. An almost ungodly and shameful idiot, taken from "geek" mythology. Also see "Fuck Head"
Man, that Richard swears he's a friggin' Julio, what with his body glitter, unbuttoned "chiny" shirt, tight jeans, and sunglasses in a dark club.

Hey dumbass, you need to stop going to the gym after waxing your chest or people might think you're trying to be a Julio.

No one is dating my kid sister, especially not some damn Julio.
by djmattm2002 April 27, 2010
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One of many terms used to describe people who are motivated only by their own self-interests, often at the expense of others. Their tactics can range from the unethical such as deception and emotional leverage to the highly illegal such as date-rape, threats of violence and sexual assault. In the specific context of the words "fuck boy", the self-interests-in-question are sexual, and the perpetrators in this case are male. These people most likely to be "fuck boys" are unwilling or somehow unable to feel empathy and compassion, or form emotional attachments with others. Instead, they see such traits as weaknesses that can be exploited to their advantage. After the "fuck boy" has satisfied his outcome and has no further use for his target, or determined he isn't going to get what he wants, he will unapologetically move onto to his next target. It is important for the misandrists to keep in mind that neither do "all men" fit the stereotype, but a similar percentage of females do as well. The female counterpart to a "fuck boy" is a "gold digger", as the self-interests involve obtaining social status and wealth via equally unethical means or through larceny and extortion.
Girl: "I'm sick and fucking tired of these fuck boys!! All they want is sex, and then they just leave!!"
Guy: "Then stop sleeping with them! You say do don't want a fuckboy but only fuck fuckboys."
Girl: "I can't! Because 'all men' are fuckboys!"
Guy: "That's bullshit, because that's like me saying women only love there phones and going shopping"
Girl: "Okay so where the fuck to I find a man that isn't a fuckboy??"
Guy: "Did you check your 'friend zone'? That's where they are usually found."
Girl: "Oh....'them'....hmmm....well they aren't actually 'men', they're like eunuchs or something...."
by djmattm2002 September 23, 2016
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