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Truly tha best place.
if u noe t-dot, u noe section 6 and jane and regent park baby
by diva March 08, 2003
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FUCK VIVISECTION I'd like to see that shit being done to humans, and seeing how everyone reacts
Vivisection is scientific fraud
by diva November 17, 2004
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a version of the game monopoly that is subsituted by terms and places that would usually be found in the ghetto, hood, or project. this game includes, crack houses, projects, to' down parks, corner stores, drug runnaz, and hood ratz
man, what u wanna do?
iono, u got that game ghettopoly?
naw, man, but how u play?
you do tha same thang as monopoly
by diva November 21, 2003
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When you feel sick!
It was so disgusting i got the dry boulk
by Diva February 01, 2004
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to have skills
yo, you got madd skills, dawg! where you learn how to draw like that?
by diva November 21, 2003
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American Heathcliffe, brooding and comely
Droogie is dreamy, he is the reason for my sleepless nights.
by Diva December 29, 2004
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