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That god-awful 2007 movie with Lindsay Lohan. She played a stripper with one leg and one arm. And she had a twin that her dad stole from his mom's fetus.

The movie came out after she was charged for DUI and cocaine possession, making her a bigging laughingstock than she already was. Quite a feat.
"In the gory psychological thriller “I Know Who Killed Me,” Ms. Lohan plays a wealthy college student who writes fiction, excels at the piano and refuses to sleep with her boyfriend...(and also plays) a stripper with a crackhead mom. No prizes for guessing which performance is more believable."
--Jeanette Catsoulis, New York Times
by dilary huff August 10, 2007
Showing that one is completely serious.
Lindsay Lohan's performance in I Know Who Killed Me sucked; she couldn't say one thing with a straight face.
by dilary huff August 8, 2007
A calculator joke, similar to 55378008. Read as loose upside down
A prostitute visited troops in Iraq, and did each 5,000 member, plus the LT, seven times.
by dilary huff August 16, 2007