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no nuance november is an amazing trend started by @abolish_ice on tik tok. you give a hot political take without providing any additional information and allow the viewers to come up with some explanation for it. this allows people to think for themselves without being spoon feed information.

however, this trend was taking by a bunch of dumb fucks who say shit like “LGBTQ+ wouldn’t exist without capitalism” or “being a liberal in america is a privilege”. other dumb hot takes are blatantly anti-semitic and the people who made them should be bullied off the internet. was a cool trend though.
“it’s no nuance november day 21! ben shapiro is sexy and smart”

“bro wtf?”
so true! 🤪🙌”
“why is he kinda onto something? 😳”
by dickdestroyer556 November 21, 2020
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