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sumthin they use in candy instead of sugar,usually for people who care more about losing weight instead of dealing with an exploding ass for a couple of days. known to have a laxative effect causing exploding diarrhea(brown water),diarrhea farts, and cramping along with total humiliation if u are in public after the consumption.
if you by any candies with sugar alcohols, u might want to stay within 20 feet of a bathroom and do not plan any hot dates.
"when i bought sugar free peanut butter cups,i ate the whole bag. about an hour later i had to run to the bathroom grabbing my butt cheeks so the butt water wouldnt get on the carpet. i let out the most explosive diarrhea ever. this experience usually occurs within an hour or two after the consumption of them. this can happen about 10 times a day."
by diarrhea gal November 27, 2005
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plain and simple: a fart. ur asscheeks flap together

also known to happen during explosive diarrhea thus making the sounds and creating discomfort. the force of the flap may cause u to utter many high pitched jitters while exploding (just like in the movie dumb and dumber)

i could almost feel the cheeks flapping together during that fart
by diarrhea gal December 10, 2005
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