4 definitions by delahunty1000

Wrongly used as an alternative to dressing gown by Americans, a fancier version of a dressing gown mainly worn by the upper class
Whilst staying at the playboy mansion I received a free robe to wear there
by delahunty1000 May 18, 2015
A sexual act where mid copulation you kill your partners parents, preferably by shooting them.
Inmate 1: "hey man, what are you in for?"
Inmate2: "I did the batman on my girlfriend"
by delahunty1000 November 19, 2015
To receive sex (of any kind) whilst doing another enjoyable act (such as playing a videogame)
'yesterday I played halo, what did you do?'
'i did the same, but I won at life'
by delahunty1000 May 18, 2015
Being intoxicated but only to a point where you still have basic co-ordination (much like the average Irish man, hence the term)
'steve you cant drive, your drunk'
'im not drunk, I'm Irish sober'
by delahunty1000 May 18, 2015