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A trigger warning is when something may make you feel emotional, like mad and upset
So at the start of a text, video, etc it my say 'trigger warning', it alerts the viewer that the content may make them feel ashamed, have a break down, etc.
the moral is that if you see trigger warning, just be prepared that your emotions may escape your mind :)
If a video says trigger warning it may show suicide content, death content, racism, rape, etc
by define me hoe January 6, 2018
Pearl is known as such a unique special girl. Shes known to be lucky to experience great things (and is very short)! and also known to experience horrible things as well. Pearl doesnt care about her life nor herself that much and puts everyone else before herself. Shes generally a nice girl but dont get on her nerve! Shes known as a gorgeous girl. Every Pearl goes through amazing experiences but has a horrible childhood. Shes really fragile and is dying inside but they'll hide it all just to keep others happy. You can fuck her over as many times as you want and she'll still be there for you when no one else is. So whatever you do, when you come across a Pearl- keep them in your life because theyll probably be the best person you ever meet!!
jade " theres a new girl starting in our class"
lillie " really? whats their name:
jade "Pearl"
lillie "wait seriously!? dude we gotta become her best friends bro, omg we need her in our life"
by define me hoe January 6, 2018
smh stands for 'shaking my head', although it can mean 'stupid minded humans' and 'so much hate'
either way you use it in a text/post/etc when your disappointed, or if your friend did/said something stupid (may be funny) you can say smh.
Friend 1 "bro i accidentally pushed over an old lady lmao"
Friend 2 "smh."

facebook post "a car crashes into a house and kills a baby"
person "omg thats so sad, smh."

Person "omg I walked out of the store forgetting to pay for my product ahahah smh"

Mum "how do i turn the tv on?"
Daughter "lmao smh"
by define me hoe January 6, 2018