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When two people, generally a man and woman but in this day and age it could be any variation of the genders, are living together in a mad frenzy of sex. If say you're "cohabitating" with someone and you're not having sex more often then hormone raged minks, you're not cohabitating.
You will never enjoy the perks of cohabitation, because you're such a fucking retard that you had to use the urban dictionary to find out what it means.
by deathjr November 14, 2003

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A hominid like creature that is often mistaken for a homo sapien, but the defining feature of the misanthropist is their hatred or mistrust of mankind.

Antonyms: philanthropist, optimist
If you haven't figured out that I hate your slimey fucking guts you're a fucking retard and it's amazing you can read.
by deathjr November 27, 2003

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