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lute is used in place of almost every word. It can mean anything that the user wants it to mean. Usually is used as a compliment, but can become a slam if used properly.
"Wow, that shirt is totally lute!" (in this case it can be seen as either)
person 1, "I just aced my bio midterm!"
person 2, "Nice dude, tottally lute!"
(here it is used as a compliment)

Person 1, "Your a loser!"
person 2, "oh yeah, well your tottally unlute!"
(here it is a slam)
these are bad examples, but i think you get the general idea.
by darkelite9 May 02, 2008

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so natural, and awesome that its got to have a stronger word than just natural. hence, naturasianistically. Similar to lute, it can be meant as a compliment or not as a compliment.

guy 1: dude! I just got an A++ on my Plato report!
guy 2: naturasianistically! Dude, your Asian, so of course!
by darkelite9 September 08, 2008

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