3 definitions by danny kryski

what everyone in the world is all the time.

everybody thinks they're the most special thing on this earth not yet discovered, so therefore they spend their self-impressed lives doing nothing but blaming others. and even when people are famous, the credit they get goes straight to their heads and then they act pretentious and self-impressed all the time, yes everybody.
you're so damn self-impressed by everything you do that i need no other reason to hate you and all that you might have been. show a little humility next time, sucker.
by danny kryski April 19, 2008
term of destruction used by true new yorkers who can't believe their friggin minds when somebody acts a fool in the worst kinda way, you piece'a crap straznooli!
what kind of moron parks his car in front of my god damn driveway, you friggin straznooli?!
by danny kryski April 20, 2008
when you've grown up in the old confederate part of the USA, you don't just appreciate when something great is done for you, you dog dern apprishitate it, now don't ya?
ma'am, this here peach cobbler was damn near the best dessert i've tasted since i've reported back from 'Nam. i really do apprishitate it.
by danny kryski April 20, 2008