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A commonly misunderstood theory.

The Mayans DID NOT predict the end of the world in 2012. That's urban legend and myths, mixed with Christian Apocalyptic themes. There was no evidence that the Mayans predicted the end of the world.

The Mayans loved to make calenders. One of their calenders was called the 'Great Cycle' or something similar, and it was supposed to last thousands upon thousands of years. 2012 is the estimated end of this calender. As of now we are in the 4th cycle.

The Mayans never thought anything drastic was going to happen in 2012. It would be like New Years to us - just a change in the calender.

The reason this theory is the end of the world is the Christian doomsayers began claiming that Armageddon was coming soon. However, they had no proof. When some of them discovered this Mayan 2012 theory, they twisted it so far than pop culture turned it into a phenomena - the end of the world. This is simply not true.
2012 is the year sophomores from 2009-2010 graduate.
by dannieyankeeisawesome November 06, 2009

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