4 definitions by dan trainor

1. the act of discovering a pun by sheer coincidence and announcing the find.

2. the act of deliberately making a pun and feeling embarassed that it can't be taken back
person 1: wait....haha! get it? no pun intended!
person 2: stop lying: you said that on purpose.
by dan trainor March 20, 2007
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when a person mixes drinks that don't belong together because he's trying to start a fad
person 1: vodka tastes great with soy milk
person 2: stop multiflasking, that's disgusting
by dan trainor March 20, 2007
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when an fps player DoS attacks a server with such vigor that it ultimately crashes
me: dude, my server's down
fellow gamer: why, what happened?
me: some kid got angry and earnhardt'd my shit
by dan trainor March 20, 2007
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1. a play on words that occurs when a person makes a pun within a pun, often followed by great excitement and a sense of accomplishment for the person who told it. this is a very powerful pun.

2. an extended pun, not limited by frequency of occurrence
person 1: i was banging my girlfriend so hard during titanic, i missed the ending. what happened?

person 2: loose lips sink ships.

person 1: dude, that was a double pun. touche.
by dan trainor March 20, 2007
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