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DCSHOESCOUSA (Droors Clothing Shoe Company United States of America), a skateboarding company that makes apparel and shoes.
I went to the West49 and bought DCs.
by damndumbass August 14, 2004
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Red Dragons. Skateboarding company that makes apparel.
Look at that kid wearing RDS.
by damndumbass August 19, 2004
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The act of cracking a U-Type bike lock using nothing but an ordinary Bic Pen. It seriously works and is easier than making instant noodles.
Yo bitch, let's go bic pic from those rich kids over there. I got my pens from Costco.
by damndumbass September 19, 2004
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1. Take drugs to improve one's athletic performance.
2. Marijuana.
3. A band.
1. China uses dope to enhance it's players in the Olympics.
2. That's some good marijuana, dogg.
3. Dope's video Bitch has lots of naked lesbian action in it.
by damndumbass August 15, 2004
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