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A fucking genius man. Former boyfriend of punk rock porn star beauty rachel rotten. Director of unique punk pornos like "Anal swine" He Makes porn an art. Rob Mixes a unique horror film style with great street punk music and great sex.
Sid: I just seen the new porn flick "anal swine", that was some hardcore shit right there, rob rotten is a fucking genius!

Johnny: fuck yeah!!
by dahmer punx January 07, 2007
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A fucking genius man. Director of unique punk pornos. Former boyfriend of beauty rachel rotten, the bettie page punk version. Has made very hardcore porn masterpieces like "Anal Swine". Among others makes porn an art. He mixes a horror movie feeling with great sex and great punk rock.
Tony: I just saw the newest porn flick by rob rotten and that was some hardcore shit.

Tezz: fuck yeah the mans a fucking genius!
by dahmer punx January 06, 2007
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The name you call a girl/woman with a very discusting body. Having a very repulsive, over weight body. An insult to an obese or fat woman.
Marlene: look at that girl in her bathing suit

Lucy: yeah, nasty! She has a fatbiola body.
by dahmer punx January 07, 2007
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One of the best fucking hardcore HC punk bands today. Their fucking sick and talk about real issues like poverty, animal rights, and women rights among others. But they just don't talk and shout about them they are involved in what they speak about. They are also members in animal rights group. They fucking sick D.I.Y.
Poser punk: omg I got a blink 182 cd and its so fucking cool, their so punk rock.

Real punk: shut the fuck up cunt u don't know shit about punk. A real punk band is Fleas and Lice.

Poser punk emberresed...=(
by DAHMER PUNX January 20, 2007
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