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A girl from New York, Chicago, Boca Raton, or some heavily Jewish populated suburb of a main city in the United States. This girl smoked a lot of weed in high school and her parents have enough money to give her everything she wants. She tried some really intense psychedelic drug in the beginning of her college experience and know she thinks she understands the world. She loves drugs and music festivals and hates on the sorority (that she is in) so she thinks she is a hippie. She wears Cartier & David Yurman but also loves thrift stores. The jappy hippie is obsessed with both "The Real Housewives" & Bikram Yoga.
Yo those Tulane Girls are seriously jappy but they are also mad chill. They are jappy hippies.
by dafeff June 29, 2011
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Sometimes things are undeniably a little weird/ creepy but for some reason that creepiness really turns you on. Its like you are freaked out by the existence of this thing about a person but that same thing is what makes you wan't to fuck them.
I read somewhere that Angelina Jolie likes to throw knives while she is having sex. She is creepysexy.

That drug dealer had a really weird eyebrow piercing but in a way it was kind of hot. He is creepysexy.
by dafeff July 27, 2011
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