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(Pronounced ah-let)

If you have an Alet as a friend, you are very lucky. Yeah sure, they’re good friends and whatnot, but it’s also not a very common name.

An Alet is usually a big bookworm and can read 150 books or more per year. Alet’s are usually well behaved people but they have a rebellious streak.

Alet’s are very polite people and are probably the most normal in their friend group. They sometimes question why they are friends with their friends. Alet is a great friend and you can have interesting conversations with them.

If you have an Alet as ‘n friend, keep her.
“Alet, stop reading and pay attention!” The teacher yelled.
by dachshundsareadorable March 10, 2020
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One of the best dog breeds to exist. They might be small in size, but they have huge personalities!

Some of them have quite big ego ‘s, but they will always be there to lick your face and comfort you when you’re down.

They are playful and funny and just amazing dogs in general.
The dachshund nipped at her her heel.
by dachshundsareadorable March 11, 2020
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